Kitchen furniture

The face of the kitchen

Each kitchen should have the face of your family - a reflection of the values, lifestyle and dreams of the people living there. We make stylish, comfortable and functional kitchen furniture exactly according to your wishes, based on our own knowledge and skills accumulated over a long period of time.

At present, there are already many different and interesting materials to use in the production of kitchen furniture. We help to match the best of them, keeping in mind that the primary and most important features of the kitchen would be preserved throughout the project - its functionality and comfort in preparing food for our loved ones and spending quality time together.

Kitchen furniture as the center of the home

The kitchen is often considered to be the heart of the home: it is a place where the whole family welcomes the day together and gathers in the evening to exchange fresh impressions, experiences and emotions. Therefore, it is also very important that the kitchen furniture supports the communication between the family, is practical and comfortable in every way. The aesthetic side of the kitchen is no less important: everyone likes to be in a beautiful and stylish kitchen.

Custom-made kitchen furniture is ...

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Where to start when choosing kitchen furniture?

Furnishing a home means constantly making choices - the furniture market, which is expanding more and more in terms of styles, materials and special solutions, contributes to this. Therefore, the first step is to take enough time to calmly think about what your wish, dream and vision are - taking into account slightly more pragmatic aspects such as the general plan of the existing apartment or house (and what precepts it sets, for example, when installing sewerage or electricity), family size (do you live alone, with two people, or do you already have children in your family who need to think about safety?) and lifestyle (do you love to cook together and need a lot of space, or is the kitchen used mostly by the mother/father, and it is more important to plan a large dining table instead of a spacious work area?).

You should also think about what style your kitchen furniture should be. Here, you should pay particular attention to the interior design of the whole home as a whole - for example, high-gloss minimalist kitchen furniture is not compatible with the interior of a romantic country house. However, mixing different details and creating innovative solutions is again very welcome. When choosing a style, it is always worth consulting an interior designer. In addition, almost everyone has a good friend or acquaintance in their circle of acquaintances, who seems to have a talent and a so-called good eye to create harmonious interior design solutions. So - don't be afraid to ask for help and advice. By ordering a complete solution from Sisustuskoda OÜ from the creation of the project to the production of furniture, you will save both time and money!

Next - the perfect furniture in front of your eyes, should be set on a budget. This already sets a clear and concrete framework for the kitchen furniture project and helps to make choices in the colorful furniture market. Custom furniture is often thought to be just fun for wealthy people, but in reality it is not. Considering that custom-made kitchen furniture has been created especially for specific homes, these families also serve much longer than the so-called somehow accommodated catalog solutions, which may need to be replaced in a few years. Therefore, do not be afraid to ask us for a personal offer - we are always looking forward to new inquiries and challenges!

Functional kitchen furniture in Estonia

Choice of materials for the kitchen

To help you navigate the world of materials

We have emphasized above the richness of the possibilities that combining different materials in creating kitchen furniture offers. Indeed, there are many materials we use, and finding the right one for you, just right for your home, can be a headache. We will definitely help you make a choice, highlighting the advantages of each material. Let's look at your home as a whole and think together what exactly would fit into a specific interior and which would meet all the needs of the family at the same time. However, we also present the most common materials from which kitchen furniture is made. Let's look at how they are different and similar.


Melamine, sometimes called artificial veneer, is a resin-impregnated paper that covers a furniture board. Melamine uses a special technology where the paper is pressed onto the surface of the board using pressure and high temperature. As the choice of decor papers used is diverse and it is also a rather affordable solution, it can also be considered quite a popular material.

Plywood is a layered composite material made by gluing together thin wood sheets (veneers). The veneers are placed in a plywood board perpendicular to the direction of the fibers. This arrangement allows to ensure the strength of the plywood board in all directions. The frame of plywood furniture is strong and durable. Plywood furniture is durable, it can be passed on to future generations. The plywood frame is painted or varnished according to the customer's wishes and/or according to the project.

One of the most common and valued choices is kitchen furniture with plywood frame and birch glulam doors. It is a natural material that is valued for both its timelessly stylish appearance and durability.


MDF board is a board made of wood fibers, the raw material of which is both coniferous and hardwood. The smooth surface of the MDF board allows it to be covered with paint or veneer, while the dense structure allows it to be cleaned and processed. It is not the strongest material, but it is still suitable for indoor use and is therefore quite common in the furniture industry.

Veneer is a thin layer of wood that is cut from the wood chip with a special machine and then glued to furniture made of MDF, for example. It is common to use some precious wood veneers, which creates a visually more beautiful, natural, but also more valuable look. The price of veneered furniture depends on the thickness of the veneer layer: the thicker the layer, the more durable and therefore more expensive the result.

The coating of the high-pressure laminate board consists of layers of kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin. The surface of the high-pressure laminate is smooth, rough, matt and has a wide surface structure.

Solid wood glue board has a higher durability than ordinary material. Since the glulam lamella is cut off from the core, the formation of cracks is practically non-existent.


The choice of work surface is MDF or PLP, which is covered with high-pressure laminate, solid wood glue board, natural stone or quartz stone. The latter is also known as artificial stone. Quartz stone has no pores and this makes the stone durable and maintenance-free. Quartz stone consists of more than 90% natural stone.

Advantages of a stone work surface compared to other materials:

  • extremely strong
  • easy to maintain
  • heat resistant
  • withstands scratches, stains
  • natural color gamut is suitable for many different projects and solutions
  • a unique result is guaranteed

We make a project according to the dimensions of your room

5 aspects that should definitely be taken into account when designing kitchen furniture.


By kitchen furniture fittings are meant furniture accessories, such as quiet closing drawers and hinges, basket systems, handles. Here, it is definitely worth placing great emphasis on quality, so that the kitchen furniture is long-lasting and comfortable to use. The quietly closing cabinet doors and soft-moving drawers significantly reduce the noise level at home and thus create a more pleasant, stress-free atmosphere.


Think carefully about what kitchen equipment you need for your kitchen. The kitchen is often overloaded with household appliances that are not actually used. For example, a stove with two cooking zones instead of four is usually sufficient for a smaller family. However, unused household appliances take up unnecessarily much space and make the interior more cumbersome, especially in homes where space is tight and existing space must be used wisely. On the other hand, it is often discovered that there is a need for another, second and third technical aid, which can be difficult to integrate into the kitchen once the project is completed or simply inconvenient. Therefore, as in other aspects, there is a well-known saying about how wise it is to measure nine times and then cut once.


The right lighting solution is essential in the kitchen. Increasingly, central ceiling lighting is being abandoned and a system consisting of spot lighting in different locations is being created. The solution, which illuminates the main work surfaces, is both practical, economical and creates a mild coziness in the kitchen. Here you can combine different LED solutions (lamps, spotlights, strips, etc.). Energy-efficient modern LED lighting with motion sensors is becoming more and more popular, where the luminaire lights up when someone is moving around the work surface and goes out when there is no more activity.


By this we mean both general safety, for example from the electrical system installed by professionals, and the safe stay of children in the kitchen.
Does the furniture have sharp corners, ends?
Are the household chemicals in an accessible place to the child?
How to plan an oven and stove so that it is as safe as possible for the little ones in the family?
We can help you think through all these aspects.

Production manager Peeter Plakk
Interior architect Üllar Varik
CEO assistant Anneli Kaur
Valter-Johannes Sirge CEO
Product designer Marleen Helimets

We all contribute to the result.

The kitchen that has the face of your family.


This is a rather personal aspect of the kitchen choice, so it should be talked about first, in between your family - what are the conditions that your kitchen furniture should definitely meet. How should the refrigerator, sink and stove be in relation to each other? When it comes to L-shaped kitchen furniture, can the sink stay in the corner? How many and where do you want sockets? The visual appearance of the kitchen is also related to comfort: it is good and pleasant to stay in a beautiful kitchen. If the classic style is not for you, then there are many different solutions that can be used to personalize the kitchen: a photo glass creates the desired mood; however, when covering a wall with a whiteboard, you can write with chalk later.

We know - Your kitchen requires thorough preliminary work. We will create a kitchen furniture project for you and implement it 100%!

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