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Steaming coffee, the aroma of which takes thoughts away from everyday worries…
Just a moment for yourself - what you've been waiting for all day. Or quality time with the family around a large dining table. We all have our secret dreams, which make us think that the time wheel stops for a moment and remembers that we live now, here and now. Everything that surrounds us is important. It should all be comfortable and enjoyable. That's why we create furniture that adds value to life and is durable.

Design is the relationship between an object and a person. Probably everyone knows from experience that some relationships are more special than others. There is one that is vividly remembered, broadens the world view and perhaps changes lives. Design can also change the world, both small and large. Sometimes just one very carefully thought-out and designed element is enough to create harmony in chaos. Or kitchen furniture created especially for you, which becomes the warm heart of a new home, its center. The unique design has this magic.

What is the secret of duration? We believe this is a commitment. An ongoing relationship where time is found for each other. Lasting careers where energy is invested. Furniture lasts, made by hand, in which time, money and passion have been invested. The furniture created by Sisuko - both individual items and complete solutions - has been made by experienced masters and you can be sure: it is something that will last.

The creation of custom-made furniture starts with the design of the furniture and its three-dimensional visualization. With the help of 3D views, the customer gets a complete overview of the ordered product before placing the order, and the woodworkers receive a detailed plan on the basis of which they can start working. Our experienced designers / furniture designers offer the best furniture design solutions according to the customer's wishes. We know different styles: we are aware of both classics and international trends. We have a particularly long work experience in the Scandinavian markets. We design furniture for homes, offices and public spaces.

Custom-made furniture is like a part of you: it reflects your wishes and visions in creating the surrounding environment. Creating a personal home or office space is one way of identifying and expressing yourself that can play a huge role in success, both professionally and personally. At Sisuko, we are simply good helpers for you, who help to create an interior that is just right for you, making furniture or interior design elements based on your wishes. Contact us and in cooperation we will find a solution to all your wishes. Our furniture designer, interior architect, production manager, carpenters and furniture installers will make your dreams come true on paper.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is a place where every new day is greeted and where people meet in the evening to share the impressions of the day, the thoughts that have arisen and the emotions they have experienced. Without exception, each kitchen is the face of its family, talking about their values, habits and lifestyle. Who prefers classics, who modernity; who like openness, who need specific boundaries; who loves color, who neutral and mild tones. Everything is possible and everything is allowed! We make kitchen furniture based on your wishes and the wealth of skills and knowledge you have accumulated over a long period of time. We think of your dream and offer several solutions. We use many different materials in our work and we can skillfully combine them. We will create a kitchen for you that is comfortable, functional, high quality and most importantly - has the face of your family!

Our own products

During our long period of operation, we have designed furniture and interior elements with different styles and functionalities. As a result of the inspiration received from customers and the knowledge and skills of its carpenters, Sisuko has created a unique and popular series of its own products. Today, our spacious product shelf offers uniquely designed tables, chairs, coffee tables, oak tables, armchairs, cabinets, beds and suspended ceiling panels. We develop our products all year round and every year we release some new interesting design products. In our online store you will find interesting and special solutions for furnishing your home or office.

Furniture gallery

The kitchen made by us is comfortable for the whole family. We put our vast experience of kitchen furniture and its design at your disposal.

The bathrooms are small and compact, we offer you the best solutions for bathroom furniture design. If a small space is involved, a maximally good solution is needed

Custom-made furniture takes into account the specifics of your room and interior design. It is designed and manufactured to your desired dimensions.

We will help you

Chief assistant

Anneli Kaur

All diligent customer inquiries are answered by our diligent chief assistant Anneli. In addition to editing important documents (ie preparing quotes and invoices), she also supports design. Joyful Annel has an open worldview and she loves to travel around on a motorcycle and spend time with family and friends. When the mind becomes bitter and the mood threatens to take over, she puts Nickelback in the speakers, and the world is a more beautiful place for him again.

Interior architect

Üllar Varik

Üllar has always been most fascinated by the composition of the room, the harmony and fusion of different materials and surfaces. In his work, he combines many diverse details and technical components into one complete narrative, taking into account, among other things, color schemes and furniture layout, as well as functionality, ergonomics and acoustics. His portfolio includes making bold interior design decisions when designing public spaces, which has now become a guide and a generally observable trend. Interior architect Üllar finds that modern interior design has a pleasant, cozy atmosphere, where details, lighting, furniture and accessories have more opportunities than ever before to have a word.

Product designer

Marleen Helimets

Marleen is a young and talented designer who finds inspiration all around her - she especially likes nature and the countryside. Product designer Marleen is an aspiring, conscientious and creative perfectionist, for whom it is important that things are complete - be it a well-thought-out room design or a specific product. Her attention is drawn to ideas where different styles are combined. More ambitious than an average person, she sets herself big goals, which she always achieves with great commitment. In her free time, Marleen loves to cook - her second job could be as a pastry chef! If you can't find her at work or in the kitchen, she's usually on a swamp trip instead.

Production manager and founder of SISUKO

Peeter Plakk

Peeter was born with the soul of a wood master. It is the woodwork that Peeter loves and in which he puts his heart and passion. For 15 years in a row - and the momentum doesn't seem to be fading! As the founder and production manager of the company, the high quality of the product and a satisfied look in the eyes of the customer are of primary importance to Peeter. He especially likes to work with unique and exciting special solutions. In Sisustuskoja OÜ, no product leaves the workshop until Peeter's sharp eye has examined it. Production manager Peeter loves adventures, traveling, motorcycles and his friends.

CEO and founder of SISUKO

Valter-Johannes Sirge

Valter has been active in business for almost 15 years, of which he has steered the Sisuko ship for the last 12 years, engaging in product design, development and engineering on a daily basis. Valter firmly carries the mission of Sisuko in himself and in his work - not just to produce and design furniture, but to realize the dreams of designers and home decorators. As a leader, he always sees opportunities in everything and in everyone: anything is possible, if it is only desired enough. Valter's hobbies are hiking (both in bogs and in the highlands), continuous self-development and the creative process (product development, design). He considers the time spent with his family to be the most valuable.

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