Custom-made furniture

Furniture that is designed to last!

Sisuko custom-made furniture is aimed at demanding home furnishers who respect quality, carpentry traditions and exclusive materials. Our team is used to being with the customer on the same side of the table. We will think along with you and try to find a suitable solution that is in line with your interior design wishes and goals. According to your wishes, we involve professional designers and design and 3D model custom furniture.

Furniture quality

When furnishing any room, we always want the best quality furniture that is durable and stylish for a long time. But what exactly does that mean? What is quality furniture? How to recognize timeless style?

The quality of the furniture is primarily ensured by carefully selected, suitable and durable materials and the carpenter's knowledge and skills on how to match, handle and process different materials (eg wood, glass, metal). The carpenters of the Sisuko team are wood masters at heart - a vast wealth of experience combined with continuous self-development ensures the desired result and top-quality.

For us, every commissioned work is something extraordinary, unique and creates world value. Whether it is an interior design solution for an office, commercial space, private house or apartment - we are 100% committed to every project. We can capture the whole picture and delve into the details. This is how timeless furniture is born: an enjoyable complete solution created according to special wishes, which fits perfectly into the surrounding interior, is functional, created from long-lasting materials, carefully assembled and finished.

Your special furniture is ...

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Manufacture of furniture

It is believed that custom-made furniture means waiting for furniture for a long time. However, when furnishing a home, we would like to start using the new rooms as soon as possible, create a cozy feeling of home and enjoy the fruits of the work done! Believe us, we know this heartbreaking, positively anxious feeling. That's why we try our best, whenever possible, to make custom-made furniture and deliver it to the customer as quickly as possible - without compromising on the quality of the furniture.

As with special orders, the specific workload depends on each unique project: whether it is a complete solution covering the whole room (furnishing the whole living room or commercial space) or making a single piece of furniture (dining table, desk, chest of drawers, bed, bookshelf, display cabinet, mirror, TV stand, etc.). Every job has its own charming features that we have to take into account, but with a well-thought-out project/design, the whole process goes very fast. If all the necessary materials are available, we can make custom-made furniture in just 14 days!

By ordering a complex service from us, which also includes design and/or three-dimensional modeling, you also save time on coordinating the communication between different parties.

Excellent furniture solutions from an Estonian manufacturer

Why choose custom-made furniture?

Custom-made furniture allows you to create an interior design solution that is just right for your apartment or commercial space. Often, the room, together with the general interior, exterior and architectural solution, sets certain conditions that must be observed when furnishing the room. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to make optimal use of the entire surface - so that not a single centimeter is left unapplied! Custom-made furniture offers just such smart, functional and stylish solutions.

It also creates an opportunity to highlight originality. Just as every person is unique, a home or office space should be unique. A shop, café or office with an attention-grabbing interior has an attractive effect, arouses curiosity and offers aesthetic pleasure in a public space.

However, a home designed exactly for your eyes and wishes will be a nice place and the best place to relax and recharge your batteries after a busy day. Beautiful handcrafted kitchen furniture quickly becomes the heart of the home, the details (patterns, tones) of which can be transferred to the living room and/or bedroom, for example. In one style, the TV stand, display case, chests of drawers, bookshelf and bedside table create a pleasant, harmonious whole.

When it comes to designing a commercial space, custom-made furniture is a great way to create a unique brand for your company and the visual design that supports it. By choosing a color scheme, symbols, design that matches the logo of the office or any other representative room, a pleasant complete solution is created that does not go unnoticed by customers. At the subconscious level, repetitive tones and shapes begin to evoke associations, which can ultimately lead to very conscious cooperation.

At the same time, a few custom-made or handcrafted pieces of furniture may be enough to create an atmosphere of a completely different quality in the room: a carefully selected and crafted meeting table and a dignified bookshelf testify to thoroughness in other areas of work as well.

With our team, we have created a lot of interior design solutions for private clients as well as many companies, including designing offices, cafes, seminar and lecture rooms, gas stations, representative shops, etc.

The furniture we make takes into account every millimeter in your room

I have decided in favor of custom-made furniture.

Where do I start?

• Vision

Any idea, project or plan must have a clear goal - a vision of where you want to go or which needs to be the result. In the case of furniture or a complete interior design solution, the desired result can be put on paper quite easily and work can be started accordingly. If you have a shortage of ideas, then there is a lot of inspiring image material on the Internet, you just have to start with a few keywords in the search engine.

If you already have an idea, it is worth focusing on looking at the whole detail for a moment - imagine how the desired piece of furniture or furniture set will work in the room as a whole. How do colors, patterns, furniture layout match?

If you are furnishing a commercial space (office, agency, salon), you can remember that it is intended for a lot of people with different tastes, and maybe you should prefer a neutral style: the same design throughout, which creates a more orderly and pleasant, calm atmosphere.

At home, on the other hand, there is more play space - the interior, which is too monotonous, can become boring and does not allow the uniqueness of the family to stand out in any way. Certainly a little excitement can be added with different accessories, but even an awesome coffee table or even just sofa legs can sometimes give just the right, special nuance!

It is always worth hiring a professional interior designer and/or furniture designer who can definitely recommend solutions that you can't seem to see at first glance - for example, how to combine different materials. Often, when discussing together, the thread of thought begins to roll, and as a result of the cooperation, a new creative solution is reached that fits your project as if it were poured!

Production manager Peeter Plakk
Interior architect Üllar Varik
CEO assistant Anneli Kaur
Valter-Johannes Sirge CEO
Product designer Marleen Helimets

The best results are achieved through cooperation

Together we can do something extraordinary

• Project

Once the vision is in place, the next step is to create a precise project, which is a prerequisite for the production of high-quality furniture and a practical tool for woodworkers. The design of furniture is in many ways similar to the design of a building: first of all, it means close communication with the client in order to map his wishes and requirements. The project contains a description of the fittings and materials, as well as giving the carpenter an overview of the sequence of the work process to ensure efficiency and maximum work quality.

In Sisuko, we mainly use 3D or three-dimensional modeling. 3D modeling allows the customer to create a complete picture of the environment in which the ordered furniture should fit. It also gives a better overview of the matching of materials and the placement of the ordered furniture in the room. During their years of operation, Sisuko's engineers have learned to create solutions for the Scandinavian markets and collaborated with many internationally renowned interior designers and architects.

• Order

After creating a detailed project and confirming it on both sides, we start working on it to make your wishes and dreams come true.

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